Get involved!

Data download metrics

If you run a either a data repository, or a general research repository that contains datasets, we would love to add you to our emerging Research Data Download Metrics alpha service. Based on the IRUS platform, this offers COUNTER-compliant download statistics for datasets.

To get involved, please email David Kernohan at Jisc, and let us know the name, URL, and underlying software of your repository. For most common repository platforms, it is a quick and simple matter to connect to an IRUS instance.

We are currently working with developers from FigShare and Elsevier (PURE), and will post updates on this blog.

Data citation

Opportunities to become involved in data citation work will likely appear later this year. This is most likely to be at a “use case” generation stage. If this is the kind of thing you’d be interested in please email David Kernohan at Jisc.